Evolution of consumerism

  • The Fable of the Bees

    The Fable of the Bees
    A London doctor, named Bernad Mandevilla published an economic treatise, proposed that contrary to rich countries that used religious and moral thought. Buy for pleasure.
  • Year 1770

    Year 1770
    They highlighted the fashions among the rich.
  • "Wealth of nations" Adam Smith

    "Wealth of nations" Adam Smith
    Consumer societies help the poor provide satisfaction-based employment.
  • Century XVIII

    Century XVIII
    Starting in this century, the countries of northeast Europe produced a phenomenon of growth and with this wages increased.
  • The Families

    The Families
    The families found that they could go shopping to buy small luxuries, which created an economic cycle.
  • The first consumerist revolution

    The first consumerist revolution
    It was in Great Britain, where the changes were most noticeable, huge industries emerged to meet the general demand for goods.
  • Communism vs Capitalism

    Communism vs Capitalism
    Although the two dilemmas have been tested, it has been shown that consumerism continues to coexist in both.