Evolution of Phones

By gosa_21
  • The Birth of Phones

    The Birth of Phones
    Alexander Graham Bell created one of the most history changing inventions ever, called the telephone, which could transmit actual speech.
  • Cabinet Desk Phone

    Cabinet Desk Phone
    This phone was used for business industries.
  • Western Electric Type 22

    Western Electric Type 22
    Known for the Hershey's kiss shaped perch. It became the origin of all later telephone instruments in the Bell System
  • French Telephone

    French Telephone
    Had a sequence of double digit numbers.
  • Transcontinental Call Phone

    Transcontinental Call Phone
    It was the first phone to actually have a transcontinental call made
  • The First Handset Telephone

    The First Handset Telephone
    first portable cell phone. It was also shaped like a brick.
  • First Mobile Phone

    First Mobile Phone
    It allowed to make longer distance calls than just a landline phone.
  • The First Flip phone

    The First Flip phone
    It was called the StarTAC and it was the first product of many other flip phones to come.
  • 1st Touch Screen Phone

    1st Touch Screen Phone
    The IBM Simon is created and is considered to be the first smart phone and touch screen.
  • First Cell Phone with Camera

    First Cell Phone with Camera
    A brand new feature to the cellphone.
  • The First I phone

    The First I phone
    Designed by Apple Inc.
  • First Android

    First Android
    Called the HTC Dream. Also had pixel features.
  • I phone 3GS

    I phone 3GS
    A faster connected WiFi phone.
  • Sony Xperia U

    Sony Xperia U
    8 gigabytes on internal storage.
  • Apple 14 I phone Max

    Apple 14 I phone Max
    The most recent and used phone.