Evolution of CDs

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  • First commercial CD produced

    First commercial CD produced
    The first commercial CD was transparent and rectangular in shape. It cost up to $1,000.
  • CD Video Produced

    CD Video Produced
    The CD Video is round in shape like a modern-day CD, but most of the time it is golden in color.
  • Compact Disc Recordable released

    Compact Disc Recordable released
    The Compact Disc Recordable is circular and usually silver in color. It can look like a modern-day CD.
  • Compact Disc-Interactive launched

    Compact Disc-Interactive launched
    The Compact Disc-Interactive is a flat, rectangular box that is black in color. Its controller looks like a gaming console's.
  • NEW CD Video launched

    NEW CD Video launched
    Like its older version, the more modern CD Video is round in shape, but its color varies.
  • Compact Disc Re-Writable released

    Compact Disc Re-Writable released
    The Compact Disc Re-Writable looks like a modern-day CD that you would see nowadays.