Evolution of American Football

  • Creation

    The sport of football is created and designed by Willie Tidewell. He draws inspiration from two well known sports. These sports are soccer and rugby.
  • Period: to

    evolution of football

  • First Game

    The first game is played between two colleges. The teams fighting for the first every victory in American football is Rutgers and Princeton. This game is a very scrappy game and has hardly any rules. The game under goes many changes during the next few years.
  • Rules

    The rules and regulations of football are written down for the first time. Walter Camp was the person who recorded down these rules. Along with Walter, the schools participating in this new sport helped think of new rules and ways that would make the game more organized and less scrappy than previously.
  • First League Formed

    The first profesional league is formed. It is named the National Football League and is not as popular as it was expected. Very few people had interest in the sport and were not willing to pay to go watch it.
  • Popularity switches

    The popularity of the league changes from the UFPA to the NFL. This change in popularity is due to the issues the UFPA faces. There is no major championships and the teams are too uneaven. Therefore the NFL, which does not face these issues, rises in popularity.
  • Tradition Started

    The first football tradition was started. This tradition was hosting a football game on thanksgiving. The game was held in Chicago between the Cardinals and Bears.
  • Depression

    The great depression takes its toll on the sport as it does to every other aspect of nation. Many players lose their jobs and are forced to search for jobs like every other citizen in the nation.
  • Sport is saved

    Preston Marshall creates a new team called the Boston Braves. The creation of this new team and the investing of a lot of money saves the sport from falling apart. Also Marshall suggests a new structure for the sport. Spliiting the NFL into two seperate divisions made it possible for a championship to be held.
  • First Televised Event

    The first football game on television takes place. Families no longer have to go to the stadium to watch their favorite teams play. They can watch right from their living room couch. This results in a rise in popularity and more money going towards the sport.
  • World War II

    The war suspends footballs rise in popularity. Many players are being drafted into battle and few strong players still take part in the NFL. The first franchise is created due to the loss of players. This franchise is known as the Steagles.
  • First Franchise

    The steagles are created as a result from the war. Philidelphia and Pittsburghe combine squads to form the best team possible.
  • Television issues

    A battle takes place fighting for the rights of the television program. The football league believes they deserve more money than the TV companies are giving them. The despute takes several months.
  • Superbowl

    First superbowl ever is played. The teams playing are the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Cheifs. The Green Bay Packers pull away with the victory and are named the World Champions.
  • Change in rules

    The rules are altered for the players benefits. New rules are introduced to help the defense and protect the players. Also the roster is cut down to only 43 players per team.
  • Pro-Bowl

    The NFL has the idea to host the best players in one game. This game is named the pro-bowl and held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The game is played before the superbowl and many people watch it on television.
  • Strike

    The NFL players go on their first strike. This strike lasts 57 days but causes the season to be shortened to only nine games. This was the first of several strikes or lockouts as they are later came to be known.
  • Instant replay

    As television advances so does other technology. This technology is used to review plays during the game. Coaches can now challenge a call, but it is at the risk of one of three time outs.
  • San Fransisco reaches milestone

    San Fransisco becomes the first team to win five superbowls. This franchise can confidently say they are the best that the sport has ever seen.
  • Divisions are rearanged

    Housten Texans join the NFL. They join the south division, one of the four. They are part of the AFC and have little impact throughout their first season.
  • Lockout

    The previous agreement on how much money players and managers make expires. Players refuse to play any longer and the NFL court must rule in their favor for the sport to continue.