Evolution/ History Timeline

By hatchh
  • Evolution Accepted

    After On the Origin of Species was published, people started to promote evolution. But Darwin’s theory was still doubted.
  • First Oil Pipeline (6 miles) in Pennsylvania, U.S.

  • Fabulous Fossils on Display

    During this time, western regions of North America were discovering fossils. Since this was happening many museums opened like the American Museum of Natural History, so people could view this preserves.
  • French Troops withdrew from Rome which becomes Italy's Capital

  • Public High School Spread Through U.S. (c. 1900-1920)

    As high schools sprung up around the idea of evolution spread among American families. Progressive-era laws forced teenagers to attend, yet this change was more dramatic in the rural South.
  • First Test Flight of Zeppelin

  • Flood Geology has Few Proponents

    A person named George McCready Price is an Adventist that argues about how fossil-bearing rock on Earth relates to Noah’s flood.
  • Woodrow Wilson 28th President of US

  • William Jennings Bryan Launches Crusade

    Bryan, who ran for president a couple of times, is now entering his last great campaign of his life. He is trying to go against the teaching of evolution. This then turned the fundamentalist movement into a popular crusade against teaching evolution.
  • Danzig Declared a Free City

  • Supreme Court Bans Religion in Public Schools

    This was when the Supreme Court ruled that neither a state nor the federal government can pass laws which aid anything pertaining to religion. In the following year the Board of Education bans religious instruction in public schools.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered

  • A New View of Humans and Apes

    Vincent Sarich and Allen Wilson started finding more evidence in the similarities on humans and apes. They discovered that african apes are closer to humans than orangutans. There is an estimation that humans and chimps share more than 98% of their genes.
  • Three Astronauts Killed in Fire on Launching Pad

  • Creationist Lobby for “Equal Time” Bills

    In Louisiana and Arkansas, high schools had to to give balanced treatment to creation science.
  • Personal Computer Launched by I.B.M.

  • DNA Codes Offer New Evidence of Evolution

    New Technology made the painstaking process of reading the DNA sequence easy and inexpensive. This then allowed scientists to see how the DNA of various organisms had changed through time as these organisms have evolved.
  • Nobel Peace Prize for Michael Gorbachev

  • Kansas Drops Evolution from School Curricula

    Members of the state board of education vote to get rid of teaching evolution in school. Also they vetoed teaching the “big bang.” One member named Steve Abrams argued that teaching about evolution doesn’t depend on religious belief. The next year, they reversed the anti-evolutionist decision.
  • More than 15,000 People Died in Earthquake in Turkey