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Events of the Civil War

  • wilmont proviso

    wilmont proviso
    banned slavery in mexican cession
    trying to keep balance in north and south
  • compromise of 1850

    compromise of 1850
    helped north and south better about slavery
    Fugitive slave act returned slaves to owners
  • uncle tom's cabin

    uncle tom's cabin
    book about slavery
    let people know about how bad slavery was
  • kansas nebraska act

    kansas nebraska act
    voting turning point in population
    territorries voted for or against slavery
  • bleeding kansas

    bleeding kansas
    small civil war in kansas
    became rallying cry
  • dred scott

    dred scott
    slave who sued for freedom
    slaves were not allowed to sue
  • lincoln douglas debate

    lincoln douglas debate
    debate slavery
    lincoln vs fredrick douglass
  • harper ferry

    harper ferry
    siezed feds arsenal
    slave revolt
  • election of 1860

    election of 1860
    lincoln won election
    promised to stop slavery spread
  • \fort sumter

    \fort sumter
    north sent supplies to fort in south land
    first battle of civil war