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Events of the 1920's

By JTAmell
  • Bubonic Plaque in India

    Bubonic Plaque in India
    Bubonic plague is a zoonotic disease, said to be spread by fleas that infected rodents. Without treatment, the bubonic plague can kill infected humans within 4 days. The term bubonic plague is derived from the Greek word meaning "groin." Swollen lymph nodes (buboes) especially occur in the armpit and groin area.
  • Women Can Vote!

    Women Can Vote!
    Women get to vote in the year 1920. It took almost 70 years before the amendment was to pass! They had a lot of rejections. It took one women to convince her son(a legislator) to vote YES! And it finally passed.
  • Invention of the Lie Detector

    Invention of the Lie Detector
    John Larson, a medical student, invented the modern lie detector (polygraph) in 1921. It is used in police interrogation and investigation since 1924.The lie detector is still questionable among psychologists, and is not always right.
  • King Tuts tomb discovered

    King Tuts tomb discovered
    British archaeologist Howard Carter made a small hole in a sealed doorway and holding up a candle, shed light onto King TUT's tomb in Luxor, Egypt, for the first time in more than 3,000 years.
  • John Logie Baird broadcasts the first television image

    John Logie Baird broadcasts the first television image
    In his laboratory on Oct 2 1925, Baird successfully transmitted the first television picture with a greyscale image. his nickname was "Stooky Bill".
  • Winnie the pooh is published by A.A. Milne

    Winnie the pooh is published by A.A. Milne
    Pooh and his buddys came in 1926. He came with Tigger, Eeyore, and piglet. the book was published in twenty different languages. Everybody loves Pooh!
  • Harry Houdini dies

    Harry Houdini dies
    Harry died by two punches by one of his students. He claimed his muscles could withstand anything, he was suprised by the blows. His appendix burst. He died in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Babe Ruth makes home-run record!

    Babe Ruth makes home-run record!
    Referred to as the greatest baseball player who ever lived. Set the record for homeruns - 60 HR's in the season. In 22 seasons he hit 714 homeruns! He was in a lot of trouble as a kid and was sent to a private school to learn to behave.
  • Bubble Gum was invented

    Bubble Gum was invented
    Walter Diemer invented double bubble bubble gum. In his spare time he played around with bubble gum recipes. At 23 years old he carried a 5 lb glop of his invention to a local store and sold it all in one afternoon!! Pink was the only color dye available at this time this is why gum was pink.
  • Stockmarket Crash

    Stockmarket Crash
    Peope were living well and borrowing money to buy stocks. Then, the market took a turn and companies and people began to lose money. This is what started the Depression.