Events leading up to the Vietnam war

By minalle
  • A temporary Government is made by Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh generated a temporary government, which is called the National Liberation Committee of Vietnam, after Japan had surrendered to the allied armed forces. The Vietminh at this time has all the power in Vietnam.
  • Ho Chi Minh announces independence in Vietnam

    Independence was confirmed. The French try to obtain the power from the British.
  • Period: to

    Years leading up to the vietnam war

  • The French and the Vietminh have a discussion regarding Vietnam

    They decided that Vietnam is a free state in the French side of the combined agreement. By then most French troops lived in Vietnam.
  • The beginning of the Indochina War

    The first attack against the French was initiated by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
  • Elysee Agreement was signed and ready to proceed

    The French agree to assist and help with the building of an anti-Communist army in Vietnam.
  • Chinese and Soviets agree to help support Vietminh

    The Chinese and Soviets offer Vietminh weapons to help military services and also in supporting communism.
  • Money gets sent by the US to support the French

    The US supporting the anti-communist the French put in place, sent over $15 million of military aid and assistance to France while they were in the Indochina war.
  • Dien Bien Phu battle

    The battle only lasts til May, and the French got defeated and got pushed out of Vietnam.
  • Diem doesn’t respect the conditions of the Geneva agreement

    Diem refuses to take part in a nationwide election to determine the new ruler, because he knows that he has no chance and is going to lose.
  • Ho Chi Minh trail used for the transportation of weapons

    A trail of difficult routes is built through the neighbouring countries of Vietnam. Sent from North Vietnam over to the South were weapons and people as part of the North Vietnamese army.
  • JFK selected for the role of President

    In an election for the presidency John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon, however it was very close.
  • Coup attempting to take down Diem

    Members of ARVN failed to bring down Diem. The people did not like his cruel ruling and how he would encourage his close family members for government jobs. Diem walks away, surviving the coups attack.
  • LBJ talks with Diem in Saigon

    Lyndon B. Johnson (vice president), meets up in Saigon with Diem. During the meeting, he agrees to send over 20,000 men for the army.
  • The Counter-Insurgency plan underway

    JFK makes a decision to help out South Vietnam by them sending weapons, training of troops and money.
  • JFK transfers the General to Vietnam

    Kennedy transfers General Maxwell Taylor to Vietnam. Taylor makes a suggestion on sending combat troops with him, but Kennedy doesn’t approve of it.
  • The Battle of AP Bac

    Vietcong defeats the South Vietnamese Army, in the Battle of AP Bac.
  • Protests by Buddhists

    There is a riot and protests because Diem doesn’t agree to the Buddhists hanging flags whilst celebrating Buddha's birthday. A number of Buddhists get murdered, and it even results in a person burning himself to death during a protest. This brings upon massive shock and upsets the American people and also JFK.
  • Coup trying to take down Diem- second attempt

    Members of the South Vietnamese Army bring down Diem. Not long after, Diem and his brother are assassinated.
  • Assassination of Kennedy

    The assassination in Dallas of JFK occurs. Warren Commission declares that he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, but further evidence shows it could have been many planned theories. The next person to step up to the role of president is Lyndon B. Johnson. Unlike what Kennedy has been like, Johnson is determined that he will become much more active in the war with Vietnam.