Events leading up to the Civil War

  • Period: to

    19th centry

  • missouri compermice 1820

    Missouri: slave state
    Maine: free state
    36’30” Line: Free Above; Slave Below
  • Wilmot Proviso (mid-1840’s)

    Banned Slavery in the Mexican Cession
    free state
  • Compromise of 1850

    California: free state
    New Mexico: slave state
    Texas could be separated into 5 other states
    Ban Slave Trade in Washington DC
    New Fugitive Slave Law
  • fugitive slave law

    • Fugitive Slave Law-required all citizens to help catch runway slaves anyone who didn’t was either fined or put in prisoned .
  • kansas nabraska act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act- Created territories of Kansas and Nebraska. Popular Sovereignty would decide the issue of slavery.
  • popular sovereignty

    • Popular Sovereignty-when one side is more powerful than the other and is favored by the people.
  • vocabulary

    Bleeding Kansas”/there was problems with anti-slavery and pro-slavery and forced Kansas to fight against each other and that’s why people named it ‘’bleeding Kansas. • Republican Party-the Whigs and democrats joined together to form one new party that was called the Republican Party they were determined to end slavery. • Dred Scott Case-Dred Scott sued him his freedom because his owner took him up there and ruled for his master. • Lincoln vs. Douglas-both men were running for president but
  • border ruffians

    • Border Ruffians-people from Missouri traveled to Kansas carrying weapons and became known as border ruffians.