events leading up to the american revolution

  • the sugar act

    the sugar act
    the king decided to raise tax the colonies goods well known as suger,coffe,indigo and certain wine

    a man named George Grenville,britains prime minister/leader of the goverment he had yet figured his country needed money decided to tax the colonists for stamps it wasent fair
  • townshend acts

    townshend acts
    later then the figured that taxing their stamps did not work as planned in 1766 the had brought an end to thee stamp acts the colonies were rejoiced but the british still needed money they thought they had the right to tax the colonists even if patrick henry or samuel adams said NO charles townshend the treaserer agreedthen they begun to tax their imported goods british thought and believed the colonies would agree and see whos boss
  • boston massacre

    boston massacre
    also known as the boston riot
    happened on march the 5th 1770

    officals did not want to ship back taxed tea a group of nearly of 200 people went out and dumped the tea
  • first continental congress

    first continental congress
    met in the carpenters hall in philadelphia
    days sep.5-oct.26,1774
    thee men in thy group were
    george washinton
    richard henry lee
    patrick henery
    edmund pendleton
    colo benjamin harrison
    richard bland
    and leader:
    peyton randolph
  • battle of lexington

    battle of lexington
    a few troops were sent to concord to capture john hancock and samuel adams they were warned by paul revere
  • battle of concord

    battle of concord
    when the lobster backs started to had back the minutemen attacked them and made them go back to boston