Events leading to the signing of the Constitution

  • Jun 15, 1215

    The Magna Carta was created.

    In Runnymeade, England King John Signed the Magna Carta which was the most important document created before the U.S. Constitution. The Magna Carta put limitations on the king's authority, a ban on certain forms of taxation without approval of a council of barons and other officials, and the right to legal judgement of one's peers or by the law of the land.
  • The Colonies Assert their rights.

    In 1754 conference held a discussion regarding a confederation of all of Britain's North American colonies. Ben Franklin a delegate proposed the Albany Plan. which provided for a union of the colonies on matters of defense and other common interests. The plan was rejected
  • The Stamp Act of 1765

    Britain imposed a tax on the colonies as a way of alleviating the tax burden on British citizens. The law placed a tax on almost all printed material. All printed material had to have a stamp.
  • The Townshed Acts

    Parliament started taxing all imported goods inside the colonies. The new taxes would apply only to imported goods such as glass, tea, and paper.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and revised slightly by John Adams and Ben Franklin. It was then presented to Congress. The Declaration stated the basic rights secured by all men, including the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
  • Articles of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation was a document to establish a union between the 13 "United States".
  • The Assembly of the Giants of the Constitution

    The convention took place in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation. They wanted to establish a national judicial system, representation in the national legislature, and powers of the executive. There were 74 delegates representing all states but Rhode Island at the convention. Rhode Island refused to participate.
  • Virginia Plan

    On this day 7 states were declared and on that day George Washington was unanomously chosen as president of the convention. This is where the Virginia Plan was proposed calling for the creation of an entirely new national government with an executive, judiciary, and two chambered legislature members of the first branch were elected by the people and then these people chose members of the second branch. The greatest issue approved by all was the ability to amend.
  • Signing of the Constitution

    The 39 delegates gathered in Independence Hall to sign the Constitution.
  • Ratified the Constitution

    On this date 11 of the 13 states had ratified the Constitution. North Carolina followed on November 21, 1789 and Rhode Island held out until May 29, 1790.