Events Leading to the Civil War

  • Period: to

    Pre-Civil War

  • Harper's Ferry Raid

    Abolitionist John Brown attempts to start a slave rebellion by taking over the Harpers Ferry arsenal. The uprising is quickly put down and John Brown is hanged for treason. Many people in the North, however, consider him a hero.
  • Abraham Lincoln Elected President

    Abraham Lincoln was from the northern part of the country and wanted to put an end to slavery. The southern states didn't want him president or making laws that would affect them.
  • South Carolina Secedes

    South Carolina became the first state to secede, or leave, the United States. They decided to make their own country rather than be part of the USA. Within a few months several other states including Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana would also leave the Union.
  • The Confederation is Formed

    The southern states form their own country called the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Davis is their president.
  • Abraham Lincoln Becomes President

    Now that President Lincoln is in office, he wants to restore the Union. In other words, get all the states back into the same country.