Events leading to american documents

  • Jan 1, 1215

    The magna carta

    the magna carta was the english was created by feudal barons of the king. the magna carta stated that law should be passed protecting people from the kings arbitrary acts. it also protected merchants who came to the ports of england. the magna carta limited the kings powers and by that, no free man could be punished except through the law of land. this charter was important in the colonization process of all the soon to be colonies.
  • Petition of right

    The petition of right is a contsitutional document that set out specific liberties that the king could not interfere with. the petition consisted of 4 laws. the king could not use parliamentary taxation. the king was also restrained from forced recruiting of soldiers. the king would often imprison without having a basic reason so imprisonment without cause came into affect as well. martial law is the last law that the king was prohibited of. over the years the king broke these laws.
  • English bill of rights

    The english bill of rights layed down limits on powers of sovereign. it also layed down the rights of parliament and the rules for freedom of speech in parliament. it gave the right for protestants to have arms for their defence in the rule of law.king james the II of england did not like this and disarmed some of the protestants and sent them on their way. the bill of rights is the a main constitutional law that governs the united kingdom. it is also followed by other common laws.
  • Stamp act

    the stamp act was a direct tax that was created by the british parliament. this direct tax was only meant for the colonies of british america. any type of letters were suppose to be written on stamped paper produced in london. this taxation paid for troops stationed in north america after the british victory in the seven years war. the british thought that the colonies should pay for some of the expenses of the war. many colonist felt that they should not have to pay for these expenses.
  • Townshend duties

    the townshend acts were a series of laws passed by great britain relating to the british colonies. this act was named after charles townshend.the Revenue Act of 1767, the Indemnity Act, the Commissioners of Customs Act, the Vice Admiralty Court Act, and the New York Restraining Act are all acts that charles townshend thought of. the purpose of them was to raise revenue in colonies to help pay for salaries of judges and governors.
  • Boston massacre

    The boston massacre was an incident that happened on king street were british soldiers killed five civilian men and injured six others. the crown appointed them to keep order and secure colonial officials.
  • Tea act

  • 1st Continental congress

  • Common sence is published by Thomas payne

  • Declaration of independance is signed

  • 2nd continental congress

  • The bull moose

    in 1890 president theodore roosevelt succesfully used the sherman anti-trust act with benjamin harrison which was too break up and prosecute many large business monopolies...
  • 1896 republicans are back on their feet

    after some years of losing the presidential elections the republicans are able to get back into the white house with the election of william mckinley..