Events in central Euorope from 1740 till 1775

By bbbd13
  • War of Ausrian

    War of Ausrian
    in 1740 the first blow was strucked by Frederick the great of pressa. Who then attacked Silesia .
  • pragmatic sanction

    In 1713 Charles Promugated the pragmaic Sanction to establish the legas basis for transmission to his daughter.
  • War of Austrian Succeessions

    War of Austrian Succeessions
    1741 he invaded bohemia and accupied prague. Britin under George The Second entered the war on Austrias side fearing Europe would be dominated by France.
  • Pragmatic Sanction

    Late 1741 the elector prince of Baveria accupied the capital. French troops were crowned king of Bohbomia.
  • War Of Austian Succession

    1742/1745 the war was turned, and Austria invaded Bavaria. ANd the french were forst in a retreat ended by defeat a the battle of dettingen. In 1745 Charles the third died.
  • Seven years war

    In 1757 the Holy Roman Empire declared war on prussia who found them selves surrounded by ennimies.
  • Diplomatic Revoloution

    Benjamin Franklin was served from 1776-1778 on a three man commision to france charged with the critical tasks on gaining french support for American independence.
  • Diplomatic Revouloution

    Frankln presented in credentials to the french court in 1779.