Events in 1997

By MMcIvor
  • Yachtsman Tony Bullimore found after 5 days

    Yachtsman Tony Bullimore found after 5 days
    9 January – Yachtsman Tony Bullimore is found alive five days after his boat capsized in the Southern Ocean
  • Delta II

    Delta II
    January 17 – A Delta II rocket carrying a military GPS payload explodes, shortly after liftoff from Cape Canaveral.
  • 126 Hostage Crisis

    April 22 - A 126-day hostage crisis at the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima, Peru ends after government commandos storm and capture the building, rescuing 71 hostages. One hostage dies of a heart attack, 2 soldiers are killed by rebel fire, and all 14 Tupac Amaru rebels are slain.
  • Twon trains crash

    Twon trains crash
    April 29 - Two trains crash at Hunan, China; 126 are killed.
  • Altanta Braves

    Altanta Braves
    Apr 30th - Atlanta Braves win record 19 games in April
  • Big Ben

    Big Ben
    Apr 30th - Big Ben stops at 12:11 PM for 54 minutes
  • State of Origin

    State of Origin
    19 May – New South Wales defeat Queensland 23-22 in the longest (104 minutes) & one of the most exciting games of representative rugby league ever played.
  • Royal Canberra Hospital Implosion

    Royal Canberra Hospital Implosion
    13 July –A crowd of over 100,000 people watches the Royal Canberra Hospital implosion. A 12-year-old girl, Katie Bender, is killed instantly and nine others are injured when debris from the site travels across Lake Burley Griffin.
  • Brsbane VS Cronulla

    Brsbane VS Cronulla
    20 September – The Brisbane Broncos defeat the Cronulla Sharks 26-8 at ANZ Stadium (now Queen Elizabeth II stadium) to become premiers of the Super League (Australia) season 1997. It is the first ever night grand final played in rugby league.
  • Air Crash

    Air Crash
    September 26 - An air crash in Indonesia (likely caused by smoke rising from numerous forest fires in the area) kills 235 people
  • Aussie Stadium

    Aussie Stadium
    19 December – After a series of meetings at the Sydney Football Stadium (now Aussie Stadium), the Super League war is declared over. The ARL & Super League agree to form the National Rugby League, and the Perth Reds, Hunter Mariners & South Queensland Crushers are shut down to give a 20-team competition for 1998. The NRL is to be reduced to 14 teams for 2000 after reform.