By Manaal
  • 378 BCE

    Creation of the Idea of Eugenics

    Creation of the Idea of Eugenics
    In 378 BCE, the ancient Greek philosopher was the first known to encourage the idea of eugenics
  • City of Sun

    City of Sun
    in 1623 a french poet named Tommaso Campanella wrote the book City of Sun in which he described a utopian society where only the elite would reproduce
  • Eugenics was coined

    Eugenics was coined
    Francis Galton coined the word eugenics in his book 'Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development'
  • Mein Kampf was published

    Mein Kampf was published
    Adolf Hitler wrote the book Mein Kampf, which translates to my struggle from German, in which he writes about his childhood, his antisemitic and racist ideologies, his plans for Germany, etc.
  • The Creation of the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring

    The Creation of the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring
    This law created by the nazis resulted in thousands of german sterilizations having to occur.
    By 1940 Hitler's ideology about race and antisemitism got so extreme to where hundreds of thousands of Germans died because of their disabilities
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    The Nazis introduced many antisemitic rules through the Nuremberg laws, such as taking away German citizenship from Jews and banning marriages between 'Aryans' and Jews. They also considered people who had Jewish ancestors or were Jewish for a part of their lives as Jewish.
  • Kristallnacht

    Kristallnacht was also known as November pogrom or the night of broken glass, and several antisemitic attacks took place during this time.
    Between Kristallnacht and WWII, about 120,000 jews left Germany
  • Start of WWII

    Start of WWII
    The start of the second world war between the Allies (USA, UK, Soviet Union, France and China) and Axis Powers (Germany, Japan and Italy).
  • The Holocaust

    The Holocaust
    Now the Nazi's actions towards Jews were escalating. They were creating more extreme propaganda against them, which gave them justification for the invasion of the Soviet Union and put the blame on Jews.
  • End of Holocaust

    As the holocaust ended, many of the survivors realised it was close to impossible to return to their families as they were dead or too far away.
  • Nuremberg Trails

    Nuremberg Trails
    the allies attempted to punish the Nazis by holding the Nuremberg trails from 1945 to 46, which made their horrible wrongdoings more well-known in the general population
  • The Creation of Israel

    The Creation of Israel
    The Allies created a homeland for the surviving Jews called Israel is 1948