Ernst Mach

  • A title indicating the name of the scientist/philosopher who is being examined and his/her approximate birth/death dates.

    Professor and Philosopher Ernst Mach was born on February 18,1838 to February 19,1916.
  • A summary of the philosopher's contribution to the philosophy of science in about 200-300 words total.

    Ernst Mach was the first to systematically study super sonic motion. He also made an important contribution to understanding the Doppler effect. His critique of Newtonian ideas of absolute space and time was an inspiration to the young mind of Albert Einstein who credited Mach as being the philosophical forerunner of relativity theory. But Mach was most "famous" for developing optical and photographic techniques for the measurement of sound waves and wave propagation.
  • Dates and MLA citations for his or her major works.

    Ernst Mach Papers published in 1865.
  • An accurate date for the key event/moment in the philosopher's work on which the entry focuses.

    Although there wasn't a really specific date, I was able to get the year as to when he established his "discovery." In 1887 he established the principles of supersonics and the Mach number- the ratio of the velocity of an object to the velocity of sound.