Ernie Davis

  • Born and Raised

    Ernie Davis was born in 1940 in New Salem, Pennsylvania, and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and Elmira, New York.
  • He Never Knew who his Father Was 1952

  • Highschool achivements

    He earned All-American honors in football in his junior and senior years at the Academy
  • he was the victim of racism on several occasions.

  • Legend Jim Brown

    Ernie Davis was set to follow in football legend, Jim Brown footsteps when he arrived to syracuse. He was immediately compared to Brown.
  • Sophmore Championship

    sophomore season in 1959 Davis led SU to its only NCAA football championship.
  • college

    Davis was offered over 50 scholarships. He chose Syracuse University. He was promoted to the varsity team as a freshman.
  • Cotton Bowl

    He was Mvp of the game at the cotton bowl
  • MVP performance at the 1961 Liberty Bowl

  • 1961 to win the Heisman Trophy Winner

    First African american.
  • Davis was the first pick of the 1962 draft

    To the clevland Browns
  • Davis was diagnosed with leukemia. Before his passing in 1963

  • Best College Running back in history

  • , his number, 45, was retired by the Cleveland Browns posthumously for his outstanding contributions to football and American society