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Ernie D. by Daryn

By mrst
  • Ernie is born

    Ernie is born
    When Ernie Davis was born on this day, football had a better african-american coming than the great Jim Brown! He was born in a small city called New Salem, Pennsylvania.
  • Period: to

    Ernest R. Davis's life


    Ernie lead the Orangemen to an undefeated 11-0, which lead them to the Cotton Bowl. At the Cotton Bowl the Orangemen faced the University of Texas and won 23-14.
  • All-Stars

    When Ernie entered the Coaches All-Star team in June the coaches had seen a change in him. On this day the first strike of lukemia hit him. He was then rushed to the hospital to be cheked.
  • To the hospital

    To the hospital
    On another All-Star practice he felt a pain in the back of his neck. for the second time of All-Stars. He then made it to the hospial.
  • The hard truth

    The hard truth
    At the hospital the docter explained Ernies' sickness. It was a illness called "lukemia."
  • The sickness starts to kick in:{

    The sickness starts to kick in:{
    The coach of the team of stars said that Ernie had to go to the doctors for a few days. The team was very sad. They were not happy because Ernie was their best player.
  • Ernies tragedy.

    Ernies tragedy.
    On this tragic day all of his family gathered. He died of lukemia before he even played a single NFL game.