Ernest nagel

Ernest Nagel

  • Ernest Nagel's Birth

    Ernest Nagel was born on November 16th, 1901 in Nové Mesto, Bohemia (now part of Czechoslovakia) and came to the United States when he was ten years old.
  • Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method

    Ernest Nagel richly illustrates the function of logical principles in scientific method in the natural and social sciences and in law and history. This was a key incite to the previous views of logical principles of the day.
  • Logic Without Metaphysics

    Nagel describes the use of ontological presuppositions in "accounting" for logical principles than they are for warranting any regulative principles for the use of objects.
  • Nagelain models of reduction

    Nagelain models of reduction
    Nagel’s idea of reduction as a kind of explanation, the so called “Nagel model of reduction” can be fully specified as follows: Reduction is (i) a kind of explanation relation, which (ii) holds between two theories iff (iii) one of these theories is derivable from the other, (iv) with the help of bridge laws under some conditions.
    The Nagel model of reduction thus seems to suggest that a reduced theory is directly explained by the corresponding reducing theory.
  • The Structure of Science: Problems in the Logic of Scientific Explanation

    This book defends Nagel's ideas of naturalism. He states that theoretical laws are used to explain empirical laws and empirical laws in turn explain events via deductive and inductively strong arguments.
  • Ernest Nagel's Death

    Ernest Nagel died on Septmeber 20th, 1985.