Ernest Hemingway; The life of a Writer

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  • Born

    Workcited Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21st, 1899 and lived in Oak Park of Chicago Illinois. His mother wanted to be an opera singer, and his father was a physician. Growing up, he was dressed in girls clothing. Mostly dresses.
  • War Time

    War Time
    Workcited Hemingway wanted to be in World War 1, but he couldn't enlist because he had bad eyesight. So, he became a member of the Red Cross Ambulance Corps. He was in the frontlines giving coffee, postcards, to the soilders.
  • Injury

    On July 8th, 1918, an Austrian trench came down and caused metal shards all over the place. Hemingway was unfortunately injured and had to stay in the military hospital for a while.
  • First love

    First love
    Workcited In January of 1919, Hemingway and Agnes were planning to be married. They met while Hemingway was in the hospital when he got his inguries. She was a red cross nurse who worked in the hospital. Later on, she cut off their relationship in a letter shortly after he arrivred home saying that he was just a boy, and she was a woman. At the time, he was 19, and she was 27.
  • Moving on

    In the fall of 1920, Hemingway moved to Chicago and became a writer for a magazine. There, he met two women; Hadley Richardson and Sherwood Anderson. Hemingway then married Hadley, and Sherwood convinced him that he should go to Paris to start his fiction writing.
  • Off to France!

    Off to France!
    Workcited In 1921, Hemingway sailed to France with his new wife. Their marriage lasted less than six years.
  • Bullfighting

    Workcited While Hemingway was in Spain in 1923, he saw his first bullfight. Hemingway instantly loved it.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald

    F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Workcited In 1925, Hemingway met F. Scott Fitzgerald right after he published, The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald knew that he would like Hemingway, ever since he had seen In Our Time, and loved it.
  • Farwell to Arms

    Farwell to Arms
    Workcited Farwell to Arms is a novel written by Hemingway, and his own experiences while he was an ambulance driver while he was in world war 1. After his friend read the book, he said that he has alwasy know he's a writer, but he may be something more.
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    Workcited The North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA) asked Hemingway to write about the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway did not refuse. It took him two years to write it.
  • Martha Gellhorn

    Martha Gellhorn
    Workcited Martha Gellhorn was a writer, and they met in late 1936. Hemingway was attracted to her a lot with her gorgeous looks and her smart mind. The next year, she was with him in Spain.
  • Marrying Martha

    Workcited Right after Hemingway divorced his wife Pauline in 1940, him and Martha became final, and they got married. "I always try to write on the principal of the iceberg. There is seven-eights of it under water for every part that shows. Anything you know you can eliminate and it only strenghts your iceberg. It is the part that doesn't show."-Ernest Hemingwas, 1958
  • Quick Divorce

    Workcited In 1945, Martha divorced Hemingway. She wasn't there for him and didn't support him as much as Pauline did.
  • Death

    Workcited While living in Idaho with his wife Mary, Hemingway committed suicide. Following a lot of rounds of shock therapy.
  • Mary Welsh

    Mary Welsh
    Workcited After the divorce with Martha, he then met Mary Welsh. A fit of jealousy took place when her estranged husband got into an argument with Hemingway, and Hemingway shot up a toliet bowl in a hotel. Mary and Hemingway were soon to be married.