Erik Spoelstra

By nillar1
  • Date of Birth

    Spoelstra was born in Evanston IL, and he grew up in Portland, Oregon.
  • Period: to

    Erik Spoelstra's Life

  • Human Relations

    He works well with others beause he has been working for sports for a while. He worked as the video director when his father was a coach, he was an assistant coach until 2001, and he was a head coach since then.
  • Informational (Monitor)

    He recieves all the information first and then tells his team.
  • Decisional (Resourcce Allocator)

    He sets the schedules for the practices.
  • Technical

    He has technical skills beause he has the ability to make game plans and train his team.
  • Staffing

    He bought together the Big 3 in 2010. The BIg 3 is LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade. They all signed contracts with the Heat. And after selecting them, Coach Spoelstra, trained and developed them to be better players.
  • Organizing

    After bringing together the BIg 3, he organized the team and organized their plans for every game.
  • Decisional (Disturbance Handler)

    He handled the team when they were playing their worst.
  • Conceptual

    In the 2011 season the Heat lost the finals in the last round and the year after Spoelstra made changes to their game plans so they won the championship the next year.
  • Decisional (Negotiator)

    He represents the team during negotiations of contracts, like when the BIg 3 was signed.
  • Planning

    In the 2011-2012 NBA season, he planned out every game and how the Heat should've played in that game. He based his plans off of when they lost the NBA Finals the season before.
  • Controlling

    He made sure that the team's plan, to win the championship, stayed on track.
  • Interpersonal (Figurehead)

    He gave a speech when his team won the championship.
  • Interpersonal (Leader)

    He directed his team for every game including the most important game, the last game in the finals.
  • Leading

    He led the team to their first championship together by coaching them, helping them, and solving problems with them.
  • Informational (Spokesperson)

    He tells the media information about the team before games or after games. For example, he could've told the media his team's strategy to winning the finals in 2012.