Eric the red

  • Feb 1, 1000


    Erik died in Eriksfjord from an unknown illnes
  • Erik the Red Born

    his father was named erik erik the red was born in iceland

    he found it with his crew he came in on the west side of greenland erik was the first person ever in greenland
  • exiled

    Eric the red was exiled for killing 2 men there was no explanaition why he killed them but all we know is that he was exiled from iceland
  • Eric the reds father exiled from Norway

    Eric the reds father exiled from Norway because he killed 3 men
  • second voyage

    , about 25 ships set sail with Erik the Red for Greenland. Only 14 ships survived the seas
  • Eriksfjord named after Erik

    eriksfjord named after erik Erik died in Eriksfjord
  • Leif born

  • Period: to Feb 1, 1000

    Eric the reds life