Engelska 26

  • India

    Queen Elizabeth I started the East India Company in 1600 to develop trade between Britain and India. English became the language used for trading. However, some words, which meant one thing in Britain, meant another thing in Indian English. A special dictionary called Hobson Jobson was made to explain the meaning of these words.
  • Caribbean

    English arrived in the Caribbean with settlers in the 1620's. A new form of English called Creole is thought to have started as a simplified English spoken between sailors and slaves on the ships that brought the Africans to the Caribbean. We do know that the slaves used many English words, which they mixed with their native language. https://ks.kunskapsporten.se/content?nodeID=4.71342d881647e569b8c7caf2
  • Australia

    The 'First Fleet' arrived in Port Jackson (now in the city of Sydney) in Australia in 1788. 'The First Fleet' was a fleet of 11 ships, which held about 780 English people. These were not free people. Many of them were criminals who were 'transported for life'. This meant that they had committed a crime in England and as a punishment they were sent to live in Australia and were not allowed to return to England.