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  • Barack's Born

    Barack's Born
    Barack was born to parents Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr in Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital, Honolulu Hawaii on August 4th 1961. He was called Barry for short time in his childhood and a bit into his teen years.
  • Moved to Indonesia from Hawaii

    Moved to Indonesia from Hawaii
    Barack's mother meet a man named Lolo when he was attending a post secondary school in Hawaii as an international student. They were engaged and set to move months after to Indonesia. Barack was nine at the time. Pages 29-31, chapter 2.
  • Maya Barack's Sister is Born

    Maya Barack's Sister is Born
    Maya was born on August 15th, 1970 in Indonesia to Ann Dunham, Barack's mother and Lolo Soetoro his step Father. Page 28-52
  • Barack Moves Back to Hawaii

    Barack Moves Back to Hawaii
    Barack moves back to Hawaii to get a higher education as he had finished all lessons and correspondence courses. He moved in with his grand parents, who he refers to as Toot and Gramps in his book. Maya and his mother would join him in a year in his grandparents condo on Beretania street Honolulu. Pages 53-55.
  • Barack Starts at Punahou Academy

    Barack Starts at Punahou Academy
    As the end of his first summer back is Hawaii comes to an end Barack tours the campus of Punahou and gets ready to start his American education there. This chapter is important because its Barack's first encounter with racism at school from the expense of his white class mates. Pages 58-62.
  • Barack's Father Comes to Visit

    Barack's Father Comes to Visit
    During Christmas time in 1970 Barack,s father came to visit him. This visit came with anxiety and questions for Barack. His mother was home by now from Indonesia with Maya and was there too for his fathers arrival. Barack now had five brothers and sisters living in Kenya that he has never meet.
  • Graduates From Punaho Academy

    Graduates From Punaho Academy
    Barack graduated after going to this Hawaii academy from grade 5 to 12. During his time at this school Barack meet an important friend who's name is Ray, they spent most of their senior year together and had a couple notable experiences shared in Barack's book. Barack started indulging in teenage actives like drinking and drugs, partying and such. His grades were not as good as they could have been but he was naturally smart and kept them up. Pages 81-91.
  • Starts Freshman Year at Occidental College

    Starts Freshman Year at Occidental College
    Barack moves to Los Angeles to start his freshman year at post secondary. He said he chose this college because he meet a girl from Brentwood while her family was vacationing in Hawaii. This is where Barack meet Regina and Marcus, some more prevalent people in his life. This is also when Barack made his first public speech at a African National Congress rally being held at his school. Page 98-108
  • Barack's Father's Passing

    Barack's Father's Passing
    This year was an eventful year for Barack, between post secondary, jobs and life he got the phone call of his father's death. He did not attend the funeral but after he called his father's brother to tell him of his passing, as well as writing a letter to his siblings back in Kenya. Pages 127-128.
  • Transfers From Occidental College to Columbia

    Transfers From Occidental College to Columbia
    After his transfer Obama went to New York to Columbia College to get a major in political science, international relations and English. During his first night in New York Barack slept in an alleyway as his housing was not yet ready when he got there. Barack Graduate din 83 and then started onto his career path. Page 113.
  • Moved to Chicago to Be an Organizer

    Moved to Chicago to Be an Organizer
    Barack found interest in organizing black brother and sisters in grass root towns that were underfunded and under programed. He started this off by applying to many jobs, ethier not taking them because of the person interviewing him or just not getting a call back. He got a job as a research assistant for a consulting house to multinational corporations, he soon quite this job to work for a man named Marty and started to help him organize in Chicago. Pages 133-143.
  • Harvard Law School

    Harvard Law School
    After Barack's time in Chicago he had completed what he could with Altgeld Gardens and was ready to move on. He attended his first year here and was asked to be an editor of the Harvard Law Review. By the time his second year rolled around he was the president of the journal. In the summer he went back to Chicago to work as an associate for a law firm.
  • Chicago Law School and Civil Rights Attorney

    Chicago Law School and Civil Rights Attorney
    After he graduated in 91 from Harvard he moved back to Chicago to practice law in a two year position. During his time here he would also write his book, "Dreams from My Father". As he got a publishing deal after his presidency at Harvard Law gained nation attention.
  • Wins 40 Under Fourty Powers to Be

    Obama wins this award for his work with a vote registration campaign to register African american voters. This project was done in Illinois and aimed to register 150,000 voters.
  • Teaching Constitutional Law at U of Chicago

    From 1992-2004 Barack taught at the University of Chicago as a lecturer and then from 1996-2004 as a senior lecturer.
  • Barack Becomes a Illinois State Senator

    Barack Becomes a Illinois State Senator
    After he was elected Barack gained bipartisan support from the legislation. He worked to reform health care, payday loans, tax credits and help low income people.
  • Re-Elected as Illinois State Senator

  • Re-Elected as Illinois State Senator

  • Chairman of Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee

    He sponsored and led unanimous, bipartisan passage of legislation to monitor racial profiling by requiring police to record the race of drivers they detained, and legislation making Illinois the first state to mandate videotaping of homicide interrogations
  • U.S Senate Campaign Starts

  • U.S. Senator from Illinois

  • Presidential Campaign Starts

    Presidential Campaign Starts
  • President of The U.S

  • Re-Election for President

  • End of Presidency

    End of Presidency