End of Apartheid

  • ANC is created

    Anc is created to protect rights of black;s
  • Pan-Africanist Congress is formed

    Formed to promote a blacks only policy for africa
  • ANC and PAC are banned

    many ant apartheid leaders and followers went into exile
  • Sharpville massacre

    police killed 67 protestors
  • Solidarity movement

    Solidarity movement in US gained national recognition
  • apartheid practices begin to end

    African Government gradually started abandoning some of its Apartheid practices in 1971
  • Less segragation

    Blacks are allowed to be on national sports teams and there are more trade union rights for blacks.
  • Police brutality against PAC

    PAC stages a protest, police open fire and kill about 70 people.
  • Transafrica is created

    Created so that blacks would have more of a voice in the UN
  • Steve Biko is killed

    Activist Steve Biko is killed by police while in captivity
  • Dispartiy between rights of whites and blacks

    4.5 million whites with full rights, 21 million blacks were considered rightless.
  • Police open fire on funeral procession

    funeral procession for those who died protesting unemployment
  • US begins to cut ties with South Africa

    Huge decrease of american businesses working with south africa
  • De Klerk's Announcement

    President De Klerk announces in his opening of parliament pseech that Apartheid will end.
  • Nelson Mandela is released from prison

    Anti-Apartheid activist Nelson Mandela is released from prison after serving 27 years of a life sentence.
  • Nelson Mandela becomes president

    In South Africas first ever non-racial presidential race Nelson Madela wins.
  • New Constitution

    South Frica creates a new Constitution giving full rights to blacks