• Birth

    Eminem was born in Kansas City, Missouri his real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, his parents are Marshall and Deborah Mathers
  • Period: to

    Life of Eminem

  • Abandoned

    Eminems dad abandoned him as a two year old baby
  • Bully Concussion

    Two days before his birth day Marshall was bullied and given a head concussion and his mom sued the school
  • Starts rapping

    He started rapping at age 14, but he wasnt famous until 18
  • Drop Out

    Eminem failed the 9th grade 3 times so he droped out
  • Becoming Famous

    Marshall got signed by Dr.Dre, when he saw Marshall in a rap battle he signed him up
  • Married

    Mashall Gets married to a woman named Kim
  • Slim Shady

    Marshall came out in as slim shady and wrote a song called "The Real Slim Shady."