Emily Ophardt Timeline

  • Russo-Turkish War

    Location: Southeastern Europe What happened:
    A war between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire over the rights to protect Christian subjects. Significance:
    The Ottoman Empire losses a significant amount of territory. Tags: Polarization
  • Communist Manifesto Book

    Write by Karl Marx, this book created the basis for what is Communism. It predicted a worldwide collapse of capitalist systems and also a series of stages toward a socialist society. Structured around the common ownership of property and the means of production, this book was used as a bases for government by some future leaders such as Vladimir Lenin.
  • Berlin Conference

    Location: Berlin, Germany What happened:
    Organized by German Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck, 13 nations mainly from Europe meet to discuss Germany and Belgiums imperial ambitions. Significance:
    The creation of influence were created in Africa, speeding up to process of colonization. The led to only a small handful of independent countries left on the continent. Tags: Colonialism, Globalization
  • Period: to

    Second Industrial Revolution

    Location: Worldwide
    Due to the changes in the production and uses of energy, new technologies and advances in technology are being invented throughout the world that are transforming the way things are made and the way people live.
    All of the new technology advancements allowed the creation of mass production which produced goods at a faster pace and for a cheaper cost. This also led to an increase of urbanization and growth of the middle class system with a greater purchasing power.
  • Spanish-American War

    Location: Cuba What happened:
    In the wake of a Cuban independence movement and the sinking of the USS Maine, America is asked to help the people of Cuba fight in a war, so that the colony can become independent from its motherland Spain. Significance:
    This event is considered by some the beginning of American imperialism. As a result of this war, America gained control of the countries of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Tags: Polarization, Colonialism, Globalization
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Location: China What happened:
    A group called The Boxers, led an uprising in China to try and removal all of the foreign influence that was in the country. This battle continued on till 1901 when foreign countries such as Britain, Japan, The US, Russia, and more stepped in to end the rebellion. Significance:
    This rebellion helped to further destabilize the Qing Dynasty.
  • Period: to

    Exposition Universelle de 1900

    Location: Paris, France What happened:
    A world fair event to showcase technological and cultural innovations from many different countries and colonies from around the world. Significance:
    Countries got to show off to others how technologically advance their country was compared to others which in turn furthered the completion to be the superior country. Tags: Globalization, Environment
  • Xinhai Revolution

    Location: China What happened:
    Was the final event to occur that ended the Qing Dynasty in China. Significance:
    The rise of the nationalist party under Sun Yat-Sen occurred as a result. Tags: Polarization
  • Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia Bosnian Nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, assonates the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne As a result of this, Austro-Hungary declares war of Serbia leading to other European Countries who had military alliances with Serbia, to declare and commit to war on Austria-Hungary and vice versa. This was the spark event that led to the outbreak of World War 1.
  • Period: to

    World War 1

    This was a world wide event that led to mass casualties, new technological advances, new methods of fighting war, and more. Fought between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers for around four years, this war led to the creation of a different world in the aftermath as it changed everything politically, economically, and socially.
  • Panama Canal

    Location:Panama What Happened:
    Completed in 1914, the man made canal links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans together allowing the transportation of goods to happen at a quicker pace. Significance:
    New global trade networks were created through this new pathway. Due to the United States having control over the canal, they are able to dictate what moves through it. This causes the US to be in a very power position in world wide trade between countries. Tags:Colonialism,Globalization, Environment
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Location: Kinsale, Ireland A German U-Boat shot a torpedo at the merchant ship as it was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean This was one of the key events that led to The United States to join the war on the side of the Allies. This event also led to the creation of Wilsons 14 points to be created by President Wilson to justify intervention in the war.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    A period of political and social revolution in Russia. Was a time This event led to the rise in power of Vladimir Lenin.
  • Battle of Meuse-Argonne

    Location: France This battle stretched along the entire Western front and is what drove Germany to surrender in World War 1.
  • Hitler joins The German Workers' Party

    Location: Germany What Happened: After joining the party, Hitler is out in charge of propaganda and recruitment. In this position he draws in many upper and middle class germans to join the party. Significance: This event was the start of his following. Sound 1921 Hitler assumes leadership of the party and transforms it into the Nazi Party. Tags: Globalization
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Location: France Germany was forced to sign this treaty by the countries of Britain, France, Italy, and The U.S.. As a result of this, Germany lost 13.5% of its territory and all of her overseas colonies. This also required that Germany was to take full responsibility for the war and that they had to pay around $33 Billion in reparations. In the wake of this event, Germany faced an economic depression.
  • Mussolini becomes Prime Minister

    Location: Italy What Happened: King Victor Emmanule appoints Mussolini to this position and this is the first power position of Mussolini's reign. Significance: This event led to a popular legal revolution that transformed Italy into a single party state. This event also led to the future Spanish Civil War. Tags: Globalization
  • Period: to

    Soviet Union First Five year plan

    Location: Russia What Happened: Stalin wanted Russia to become a major power in the world. To do this he increased the production and exports that Russia had. This led to the creation of production cities and many large scale industrial projects Significance: Famines occurred in Russia as well as a large increase of pollution into the air and surrounding areas Tags: Globalization, Environment
  • Stock Market Crash

    Location: New York, NY What Happened: After a long time of good economics the New York stock market crashed in 1929 sending the U.S. into an economic depression. Significance: The US could no longer buy exports from other countries which caused the other countries to hurt. Which led to a global depression. Tags: Globalization
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

    This was a a world wide event that effected the whole world after World War 1. This was a result to the ruined farm land and factories that caused economic hardship to the people in the main countries which then led to the colonies and smaller nations who relied of exports to face hardship as the bigger countries were not buying their goods.
  • Hitler invades Poland

    Location: Poland What Happened: Under Hitlers command, Germany invades Poland Significance: This event causes Britain, France, and their allies to declare war on Germany. This event also causes the Soviet Union to push Into Poland which leads to Germany and the USSR to create the Brest-Litovsk agreement. Tags: Globalization, Polarization
  • Pearl Harbor

    Location: Peral Harbor, Hawaii What Happened: Japan surprise attacks the US Navy and their ships in Pearl Harbor. Significance: This event leads to 2,335 American casualties in Hawaii, and later attacks at Philippines, Guam, Hong Kong, and Wake Islands. This is the event that pulls America into joining the Allied powers in fighting WW2. Tags: Polarization, Environment
  • Period: to

    Greek Civil War

    Location: Greece What Happened: This was an unsuccessful attempt by the Communists to take over Greece. Significance: This war threatened the balance of power in Europe. With Greece being in close proximity to the Middle East, the West feared that the Soviets would step in and take both Greece and the Middle East. Tags: Polarization, Globalization
  • Potsdam Conference

    Location: Potsdam, Germany What Happened: In the wake of WW2, a conference takes place between the leading Allied Powers to plan how to achieve postwar peace Significance: This resulted in Germany getting split in two with East Berlin falling to the Soviets and the rest going to the Allies. This split across Europe is what led to the "Iron Curtain" being drawn across the USSR boarders. Tags:Globalization
  • End of Colonialism

    Location: World Wide What Happened: The UN declared on granting independence to the colonial countries and their people Significance: This allowed for many countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and more to gain independence and begin be self governed. This brought the end to colonialism. Tags: Colonialism
  • End of WW2 in Europe

    Location: Europe What Happened: After many big and significant battles, Germany surrenders and WW2 in Europe ends. Significance: After a long time and many deaths, the war ended and a new world rose. Tags: Polarization, Environment
  • Atomic Bomb

    Location: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan What Happened: President Truman makes the final decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Significance: This attack is what led to Japan surrendering in WW2. This event occurred as a way to end the war, save U.S. lives, show Japan that we were not going to back down, and to intimidate the Soviet Union. Tags: Environment, Polarization
  • Berlin Aircraft

    Location: Berlin, Germany What Happened: After being blocked on all land transportation routes into West Berlin, the US flew in Supplies such as food and medicine to the people in the area. Significance: This was the first conflict in the Cold War. By doing this, the US showed that they were prepared to fight against the spread of Communism no matter what the Soviets did. Tags: Globalization, Polarization
  • Marshall Plan

    Location: West Germany What Happened: This was America's plan to stop Communism from spread to more areas then it had already done Significance: Over $13 Billion in economic aid was given to help rebuild Europe after WW2 by the US. Tags: Globalization, Colonialism
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    Location: North and South Korea What Happened: Communist North Korea invaded Non-Communist South Korea. Significance: This was a Major Conflict that occurred during the Cold War. World Powers such as the US and the USSR fought against each other over the containment of Communism. Tags: Polarization, Globalization, Environment
  • Period: to

    Green Revolution

    Location: Worldwide What Happened: A successful transformation of agriculture carried a variety of economic, social, political, and environmental consequences Significance: This event had many positive and negative effects. Some positives were a increase in food production and economic growth. Some negatives were poisonings and contaminated lands as well as a decrease in animal populations. Tags: Environmental
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    Location: Vietnam What Happened: A conflict in Southeast Asia over the spread of Communism. Significance: This was a controversial war for the US. At the end of the war, Vietnam fell to the Communists Tags: Polarization, Environment, Globalization
  • Japan Economic Miracle

    Location: Japan What Happened: This was a time of great economic success for Japan. The US greatly helped to stimulate this economy during the Korean War through the purchase of goods. Significance: The successes of this allowed the Japanese people to invest in new products and machinery. This helped the economic growth rate to increase dramatically. Tags: Globalization
  • Suez Crisis

    Location: Middle East What Happened: Egypt sought funding to create a new Aswan dam to control Nile flooding. But after Nasser makes a deal with the USSR, the West gets concerned and starts to pull funding. Significance: countries began to worry about Nasser's increasing powers. This also led to the US, Britain, and France to grow concern over the oil stability in the Middle East. Tags: Globalization, Environment, Polarization
  • Chinas Great Leap Forward

    Location: China What Happened: After leaving isolation, Mao is in a rush to catch China up to the rest of the world. Significance: This led to the Great Chinese Famine that caused the deaths of million of citizens. Tags: Globalization, Environment
  • Period: to

    Environmental Movement

    Location: Worldwide What Happened: A social movement focused around the environment and conservation. This movement was started after the book "Silent Spring" was released. Significance: As a result of this movement, many new environmental protection acts and agencies were created such as the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This also resulted in the creation of Green Parties in many European countries. Tags: Environment
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Location: Cuba What Happened: After Cuba fell to the Communists and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuba and the USSR made an alliance and misses were placed on the island of Cuba. Significance: This greatly concerned the US as Cuba was in very close proximity to the US. After the US agreeing to not organize future invasions of Cuba, the demand by the US for the removal of the missiles was granted. This left Cuba in political isolation as a result. Tags: Polarization
  • Six Day War

    Location: The Middle East What Happened: This was a war that erupted between Egypt and Israel over the use of Israeli ships sailing through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. Significance: Israel won the war and brought reunification to Jerusalem and the other holy countries as well as parts of the Middle East. Tags: Polarization
  • The fall of Saigon

    Location: Saigon, South Vietnam What Happened: South Vietnamese Capital of Saigon was captured by the Peoples Army and fell into Communism. Significance: This was the end of the Vietnam war. Both North and South Vietnam were now unified under communist control. Tags: Polarization
  • New leader in China, Deng Xiaoping

    Location: China What Happened: After the death of Mao, Deng Xiaoping became the leader of China and changed the way the country was run after he declared Maoism wrong. Significance: Many reforms were introduced to the country during his time. The reforms focused mainly on education, science, and technology. He also opened the country up to foreign businesses and maintained state run factories and nationalized industrials. This was a time of economic success. Tags: Globalization
  • Chernobyl Disaster

    Location: near Pripyat, Ukrainian SSR What Happened: Reactor No. 4 meltdown, rupturing the reactor core Significance: This disaster released a considerable amount of radioactive material into the air of Ukraine, and surrounding areas. Gorbachev's commitment to glasnost was greatly tested and this event resulted in the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union. Tags: Environment
  • Period: to

    Fall of the Soviet Union

    Location: Russia What Happened: a reduction of Soviet military spending paved the way for a nationalist movement in the Eastern Bloc. Significance: Democratic Union led by Boris Yeltsin pushed to transition the USSR into a multi-party democracy. With enough support, Yeltsin was able to succeed and beat the Communist Party officials. On August 24th, 1990, Gorbachev resigned and disbanded the central committee of the Communist Party. Tags: Globalization, Polarization
  • Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Location: Beijing, China What Happened: protests by students and workers that were demanding greater political openness. Significance: This was a mass casualty event that received criticism from the West. To punish Chinas response, Western powers suspended foreign loans & investments from the World Bank to China. Despite this, China continued to power through these sanctions and resulted in becoming an economic powerhouse. Tags: Polarization
  • Period: to

    Gulf War

    Location: Middle East What Happened: Iraqi military , under Saddam Hussein, invaded and annexed Kuwait in August 1990. Significance: The US-led coalition of 35 countries sent troops to liberate Kuwait & push back Iraqi expansion. This further resulted in permanent US presence established in the Gulf Region. Tags: Polarization
  • September 11

    Location: New York City, Washington DC, & Pennsylvania What Happened: A series of four suicide terrorist attacks coordinated against the US Significance: This was a mass casualty event in the US. This event led to a US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan where they targeted many extremist organizations. The US remained military there for almost two decades after. Tags: Polarization