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Emilee Sutton-Robert Lowell

By cnruncw
  • Born

    Robert Lowell was born into one of Boston's most prominate families and his full name is Robert Traill Spence Lowell IV.
  • Childhood

    He was abused by his father,Robert Traill SpenceIII. His mom's name is Charlotte Winslow.
  • College

    He went to Harvard for 2 years and then went to Kenyon College where he studied poetry.
  • Obstacle

    He had a personality disorder called Manic Depression that is where you are happy one minute ans depressed the next.
  • Poetry

    He began in writing an autobiographical strain.
  • 1st time married

    1st time married
    He was married to Jean Stafferd for about 8 years(1940-1948).
  • Children

    His children were born between1940 and 1972. He had 3 children their names were Ivana, Sheridan, and Harriet Lowell.
  • Prison

    He went to prison for 6 months because he objected to the military being in the secod World War(1943-1944).
  • Awards

    He won they pulitzer Prize in 1947 and in 1974. He also won the National Book Award in 1960.
  • 2nd time married

    2nd time married
    The secod time he got married was to Elizibeth Hardwick they were married for about 23 years(1949-1972).
  • 3rd time married

    3rd time married
    He got married to Lady Caroline Blackwood they were married for about 5 years(1972-1977).
  • Died

    He died in a taxi cab while returning to his second wife this happened in New York.