Elvis presley

Elvis Presley

  • The birth of a Rock Star

    The birth of a Rock Star
    1935 january 8 is the day Elvis Presley was born he had a look in his eyes that he was born to be a rock star! THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL WAS BORN!!!!!!
  • First Guitar

    First Guitar
    Elvis buys his first guitar from Tupelo Hardware store. He bought it for $7.90 for his own birthday present. Yes we even no the PRICE!
  • First & New demo

    First & New demo
    After Elvis graduates from Humes High school, Elvis makes his first Demo of "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin".
  • Another Demo is made!

    Another Demo is made!
    Evlis had made another demo,at Sam Phillips' Sun studio.
    And burned all the songs into the CD. WOW SUPER STAR!
  • Indrocing .. Hound Dog!!

    Indrocing .. Hound Dog!!
  • Elvis owns his own Graceland Mansion

    Elvis owns his own Graceland Mansion
    Elvis buys his own Graceland Mansion,by himself. What a big boy!
  • The day Elvis got married

    The day Elvis got married
    Elvis marries Priscilla Beaulieu in a private ceremony in Las Vegas.
  • The daughter of the King

    The daughter of the King
    Their daughter, Lisa Marie, is born on February 1, 1968.
  • Divorced

    Elvis and Priscilla gets separted and Priscilla moves out in 1973. When they,planned to do on 1972,it was offical, they we're divorced.
  • Last Concert

    Last Concert
    Elivis makes his last concert before he dies,which was in 1977,June 26. He sang one of his biggest hit songs.
  • The day it ended

    The day it ended
    On august 16 1977 is when Elvis Persley DIED. It was a sad day for everyone how tragic for him to die! Mr.Presley died from a heart attack.