Elliot's reading log,

By misrm7
  • Term 3: Book 1: Dirt Bomb.

    Dirt Bomb is about a three yough boys who have nothing to do in life, but the tide changes when they find a mawled old car in a sand pit, and when they all chip in by getting a job and start fixing the car, a whole new world surronds them.
  • Term 3: Book 2: The Call of the Wild.

    A very famous book and so far my favorite of the term, a dog named Buck finds himself kidnaped then taken into a world of discomfort and goes into the harsh outside world to survive on his own.
  • Term 3: Book 3: Metro 2033.

    Term 3: Book 3: Metro 2033.
  • Period: to

    Term 4: Book 4: Shullduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer.

    600 pages!
  • Period: to

    Dirt Bomb: Continued.

  • Period: to

    Metro 2033: Continued.