Elie's timeline "night"

By rasirl
  • elies birthday

  • meeting moshi

    This was about the time Elie met moshi the beedle. Moshi was the guy that no one listened to when he escaped from the nazis and told his teriffying story a year after they met.
  • they thought the war would end

    in the Spring they thought that the russians were comeing and going to defeat the germans. they thought the war was soon to be over
  • Germans came to Sighet

    The Germans came to the town Elie lived in and took over and stayed in peoples houses. At first they seemed nice but the longer they were there the meaner the Germans got.
  • Ghettos

    Ghettos were created in Sighet and all the Jews were forced to move
  • the trip on the train

    This was when Elie, his familly, and many other jews were stuffed in cattle cars and shipped off to camp. but that they did not know
  • no goodbyes

    this was the first day at the camp, the first day in the bunks, the first day of hell. but it was the last day Elie got to see his moother and sister and had no chance of saying goodbye.
  • auschwitz

    THis was the day Elie and his father were moved from Birkenau to Auschwitz
  • Buna

    This was about the day Elie and his dad were moved to Buna from Auschwitz
  • surgery then evacuation

    elie gets surgery on his foot then only days later the camp was evacuated and they were made to run and run non stop in the snow.
  • elie's father dies

    in the middle of the night elies father diesin his bunk and is gone by the time elie wakes up.
  • elie is set free

    americans take over the cam he was moved to after the evacuation of buna once elie was healthy after his food poisoning he was set free