Elie Wiesel in Night

  • Moshe the Beadle's warning

    Moshe the Beadle warns the Sighet Jews that horrors are coming for them in the form of brutality. Elie doesn't listen.
  • Period: to

    Elie explores Jewish faith and religion

    Elie celebrates his Bar Mitzvah
  • Sighet Jews forced into two separate ghettos

  • The Wiesel's are deported on cattle cars

    The Wiesel's are amongst the last deportees to leave the ghettos
  • Separation from Mum and Sister

    When they reach Auschwitz, Sarah and Tzipora are taken from Elie and Schlomo.
  • Loss of identity

    A-7713 is tattooed on Elie Wiesel's arm
  • Put into sub camp Buna

  • Transported to Buchenwald after liberation of Auschwitz

  • Death of Schlomo Wiesel

    He was injured and weak
  • Arrive at Gleiwitz camp

  • Liberated with the arrival of US troops

    Elie leaves concentration camps forever