Elford Hall

By Katgom
  • Meeting at Birmingham Council House

    Lord Mayor of Birmingham suggests 300acres of 'first class land' be used for small holdings. Also suggests Municipal Officers Guild might be given opportunity to consider taking over house & gardens as a rest home for members of staff. Or the NUT could be asked. Tentatively agrees use of parkland for camping & freedom of access to woods for public.
  • Estate Agents Details

    Describes how water on the estate comes from various wells. Water pumped to the Hall by a petrol engine to a tank but will only gravitate to ground floor of hall.
    Lighting in the form of oil lamps & candles, although public electricity supply recently brought to the village.
    Sewage - By means of cesspits
  • Meeting at Birmingham Council House

    Municipal Officers Guild, whilst expressing great appreciation of the offer, come to the conculsion that they could not justify putting forward a scheme for its use.
  • Meeting at Birmingham Council House

    Division of parts of the estate into small holdings to be approved. Corporation agree to replant the Riverside Walk & Bull Clump, paid for by Mr Paget.
  • Estate Agents Report

    On the Avenue between the Hall & the Church, several Elm trees stricken with disease & dying. Recommended felling Elms, leaving a row of Lime trees to form a future avenue.
    Mains of South Staffs Water Co now being laid in village.
    Bull Clump replanted with Japanese Larch. Gardens & Hall being kept in condition. Sufficient manure for coming season, recommend plant potatoes, as crop can be sold. Hall being kept aired as far as possible. Some bedding & soft furnishinings stored.
  • Request for contribution towards Coronation Celebrations

    Communication from Chairman of Elford Village Hall Committee asking for a contribution from the Council towards the coronation celebrations in Elford village. Agreement to communicate with Mr Paget as to his action on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee.
  • Meeting at Birmingham Council House

    Discussion over steps to be taken to protect the Hall's grounds with spring flowers appearing. Estate Agent reports that there were 3 pensioners on the Estate available for employment as Parkeepers & a woman in the lodge at Fisherwick could assist.
  • Grounds of Hall to be open for inspection by public

    After this date to be open on Wednesdays & Saturdays upon getting a permit from the Estate Office.
    Also on this date, a visit by members of the City Council to the Estate - transport & light refreshments to be provided.
  • Application from Committee for Agricultural Training & German Refugees

    Application from above committee for the use of Elford Hall for the housing of young men btw 17 & 26 years, who after agricultural training would proceed to Palestine. As Elford Hall used to full extent for accomodating Spanish children, request turned down.
  • Application from Birmingham Co-ordinating Committee for Refugees

    Communications in respect of using Elford Hall as a hostel for children or for German/Czechoslovakian refugees. Owing to situtation of Hall, difficulties of transport & other matters, the sub-committee were of opinion should not be used fore children again but maybe young men taking agricultural course. No furniture/fixtures to be disposed of pending decision.
  • Meeting at Birmingham Council House

    Since previous meeting, after consultation with Mr Paget, Elford Hall accommodated a muber of Spanish children.
  • Advice from Birmingham Co-ordinating Committee for Refugees

    Expressed opinion that would be easier to run the Hall as a hostel for children (& possibly some complete families) than for youths & young men. Committee desired to get as much accomodation as possible for children in or near Birmingham because of facilities for obtaining training in skilled trades.
  • Meeting at Birmingham Council House

    Decision made that Hall not to be used for the purpose of housinf refugees again. Suggestion it might be used as a convalscent home under supervision of Public Health Committee.
  • Trespass & damage by soldiers

    Trespass & damage done by soldiers at Elford manning a search light. Trees cut down & removed & damage done to neighbouring fences. Difficult to ascertain identity of unit responsible.