Electronic Music.

  • Period: to

    Electronic Music

  • Teleharmonium

    The first performance of the Teleharmonium is given,
  • Theremin

    Leon Theremin first plays the Theremin for the public
  • Hammond

    hammond organ
    The Hammond Organ was developed for the first time commercially
  • Mardenot

    Ondes MartenotThe Ondes Mardenot was debuted in Paris
  • Tape Concert

    The first tape concert in America is performed.
  • Cage

    CageCage published Imaginary Landscape #1
  • concert

    The first concrete concert was performed by Schaeffer
  • Computer Music

    CSIRACCSIRAC is released commercially
  • Electronic Score

    First piece of electronic music to be published as a score is released.
  • RCA

    The RCA Mark II is developed, it is the first programmable synthesizer.
  • Moog

    MiniMoogMiniMoog becomes commercially available
  • FM Music

    Chowning begins experimenting with Frequency Modulation Synthesis at Stanford.
  • Purchase of FM music

    Japanese Company Yamaha purcheses the algorithms to Chowning's Synthesis and starts adapting for use in a digital synthesizer.
  • MIDI

    MIDIMIDI is released commercially
  • Youtube

    Youtube is created, paving the way for anyone to show works of theirs to the world at large