El príncipe de la niebla.

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  • Publication

    "El príncipe de la niebla" was published in 1993 by Carlos Ruíz Zafón.
    The cover was made by the publisher El Planeta.
  • Awards

    The book was awarded the Edebé literature prize.
    It was also awarded with other awards such as Boksense among other.
  • Trilogy

    This book was the first in a trilogy.
    "El palacio de la medianoche" and "Las luces de septiembre" were the following ones.
  • Translations

    It is translated into five different languages.
    It was translated into English in 2010.
  • Sales

    More than 150.000 copies have been sold.
    The book is recognized as one of the best sellers in recent years.
  • Opinion

    It is considered one of the best books written by Carlos Ruíz Zafón.
    It has also been read by thousands of young people, due o the incredibles story it tells.
  • Death of the author

    Death of the author
    Carlos Ruíz Zafón died in June of this year, at the age of 55.
    The cause of death is due to cancer