Eight Men Out

  • The Beginning

    Arnold Gandil starts to begin the fixing
  • Period: to

    The Scandel

  • Game 1

    Cicotte hits the first batter as part of a prearranged signal. This fix is on.
  • Game 2

    Lefty Williams fakes a great performance through the game giving up 4 runs allowing the Reds to win another game. Series at 2-0.
  • Game 3

    Dickie Kerr pitches a shut out in a 3-0 win for the Sox. Series 2-1.
  • Game 4

    Cicotte threw and almost perfect game, but made an some "accedentle" errors allowing the Reds to win 2-0. Series 3-1
  • Game 5

    Lefty Williams throws his second game allowing the Reds to shut down the Sox 5-0. Series 4-1
  • Game 6

    Dickie Kerr pitches an average game. The Sox make a come from behind win, from a 4-0 defficete, in extra innings. They win 5-4. Series 4-2
  • Game 7

    Cicotte won a clutch game for the Sox enabeling them to win 4-1. series 4-3
  • Game 8

    Lefty Williams has the worst start of all the pitchers allowing them to lose 10-5. Series ends at 5-3.
  • Fallout

    Grand Jury callled to investigate the prior World Series.
  • The Suspensions

    The eight players are aquited of all charges, but are baned for life from baseball.
  • slight ressurection

    first time the Sox are contenders for the Pennant since the scandal
  • First Major Title

    First American League Championship since the scandal. 40- year drought
  • Champoins Again

    The Sox break the "Curse" winning their first World Series since the Fix.