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Effects of WWII

  • Allies set Postwar goals

    Allies set Postwar goals
    Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met at Yalta on the Black Sea in Frebruary 1945 to discuss the final strategy and crucial questions concerning postwar. At the Yalta Conference the big Three agreed that Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania would hold free elections. However, Stalin later reneged on this promise.
  • The World Map changes

    The World Map changes
    World War II altered the political reality of the worl. Poland, for example, its borders shifted slightly to the west. Allies led to the division of Germany into two countries: comunist East Germany, and noncommunist West Germany.
  • Balance of the Power Shifts

    Into the power of vacuum stepped the United Stated and the Soviet Union. They had played the most decisive roles in defeationg the Axis Powers, and they emerged from the war confident and strong.