Education timeline throughout History

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  • First Public School to open in the United States

    First Public School to open in the United States
    On April 23, 1635, the first public school was opened in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. It was a boy-only secondary school and was taught Latin and Greek. It was a school to initially prepare students for college in Business, Mechanics, and Engineering Trades. Samuel Adams and John Handcock are alumni from this institution.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Plessy v. Ferguson was a case brought to the supreme court due to a man named Plessy. Plessy was arrested because he was sitting in the white section of the train.He claimed that it was unconstitutional to treat him any differently than a white person because of the equal protection clause which is the 14th amendment.The court rejected Plessy and claimed that racial segregation is constitutional under the separate but equal text
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    Brown vs Board of Education established that it is unconstitutional for children to be separated based on their race. It finalized that the United States will no longer have racially segregated schools for children. Which made a pivotal turn in race relations and made equal opportunities for children in education history.
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  • National Defense Education Act (NDEA)

    National Defense Education Act (NDEA)
    The National Defense Education Act (NDEA) was established to provide funding in the United States education for all levels. This was to improve schools in all aspects. This made initiatives for higher education and made funds available for student loans, boosting public and private colleges/universities.
  • The IV of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964

    The IV of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964
    This right prohibits any discrimination based on race, sex, language, religion, or national origin in any public schools and institutions of higher education. Which provides equal opportunity and equal protection rights. This includes housing, employment, public accommodations, and education.
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

    Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
    The elementary and secondary education act was to help and provide students with additional resources for low-income college students. This was signed by Congress and President Lyndon B. Johnson. It is a commitment by the federal government to give “quality and equality” to educate the students. It offers federal grants for books, scholarships, and created special education centers.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    This act It is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records known as FERPA. FERPA applies to any public or private school that receives funds from the U.S Department of Education. It is ultimately to give parents or eligible students more control over their records and it prohibits educational institutions from disclosing personal educational records.
  • Education for all Handicapped Children Act (EHC)

    Education for all Handicapped Children Act (EHC)
    Education for All Handicapped Children Act was for public schools that were issued federal funds to provide children with physical and mental disabilities with equal entry to education. Also given one free meal a day. It is ensured to receive education services accessible to students with disabilities that are unprejudiced and appropriate for them, to initiate specific management, and to help states educate students with disabilities.
  • Individuals with disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

    Individuals with disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
    This law ensures free public education for children with disabilities, special education, and related services that they may need. The education system will also prepare them for their future employment and independent living. To also ensure that the parents and children are protected by this law. This law was known as the Education for all Handicapped children but was later changed to IDEA.
  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
    This act provides assistance to ensure the success for all students and schools. Schools are responsible on how students acquire knowledge and attain information. The law requires that all students are to be taught at a high academic standard that will prepare them for college/universities and their future careers. Barack Obama signed this updated version (EESA) but was known as the "No child left behind act".