education timeline

  • The education act

    school leaving acge was raises to 14, and day release for education was made manditory
  • the 1921 education act

    child employment below 12 years of age banned
  • 1936 eductaion act

    school leaving age raised to 15 but with permision pupils could work from 14 in certain circumstances
  • leaving age raised

    school leaving age raised to 15
  • winds of change

    46 new experimental comprehensive schools in operation across britain
  • 11 plus abolishment planned

    11 plus testing is abbolished. government puts pressure on schools to cinvert to comprehensives but doesnt force schools.
  • school leaving age

    school leaving age raised to 16
  • 1976 education act

    selection officail stopped but loop holes allow schools to continue
  • 1979 education act

    selection at 11 is attempted to be brought back but is unpopular and fails,
  • the national curriculum

    the national curriulum brought in to standardise what was taught in schools
  • started primary school

    started at glazebury primary school at 4 years old
  • moved area and school

    moved area and did year 4 offmore first first school, moved from a 2 tier system to a 3 tier system
  • started middle school

    started at sladen CofE middle school in 2002
  • yr 6 sats

    took yr6 sats
  • started high school

    started at king charles 1st high school, did sats in 2007 gcse's in 2009
  • national curriculum

    national curriculum overhaulled
  • yr9 sats abolished

    KS3 sats are abolished meaning pupils can start working towards science maths and english gcse's in year 9
  • started 6th form

    started 6th form at king charles
  • ema scrapped

  • went to bangor university

    starded univsersity studing chemistry as the last year of paying £3000 a year
  • tuition fee's

    its anounced univsrsity tution fees will increase to £9000 a year from 2012 entry
  • eductaional reform

    a new national curriculum is introduced, along with tougher stance on modules in exams