Karl popper 1991

Karl Popper

By CriAce
  • Falsifiability

    In 1953, Popper introduced a key aspect that made him a celebrity and was falsifiability. He believed all scientific theories or good theories need the ability to be proven wrong and put to an extraneous test . Emphasizing a need for theories to be open to criticism and being able to adjust if a hypothesis turns out to be incorrect. Here is a YouTube video explaining Karl Popper's views on what makes science vs non science. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X8Xfl0JdTQ
  • The Logic of Scientific Discovery

    Karl Popper an Austrian-British philosopher published his book the Logic of Scientific Discovery in 1959. He introduced a new version of the scientific method widely used today.
  • Inductive Reasoning

    Prior to Karl Popper's Logic of Scientific Discovery. The accepted norm of how the scientific method should be performed involved observation, pattern, hypothesis, and theory. Which means Scientists would make an observation first, recognize a pattern, then formulate a hypothesis based off said pattern. if the hypothesis was proven correct, they formulated their theory.
  • New Scientific Method

    Karl Popper produced a new systemic approach. It started with a theory, hypothesis, observation, and confirmation. Poppers approach although similar in steps. However the order and concept was completely different. The old method emphasized inductive reasoning vs Popper's version utilized deductive reasoning.
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