Economics 100 year timeline

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    Economics 100 year timeline

  • Population

    The officaial population for the united states stands at 76,295,220
  • Wright brothers flight

    Wright brothers flight
    The Wright broothers completed their first succesful airplane flight
  • The panic of 1907

    The panic of 1907
    This was a 6 week stretch of runs on banks in NYC and other American cities. it was triggered by a failed speculation that caused bankruptcy of two brokage firms
  • Building of the Titanic

    Building of the Titanic
    They started to build the titantic which economically helped give people job and also people would ave to buy tickets to go on the boat
  • First U.S income tax

    First U.S income tax
    congress passes revenue act mandating the first income tax over 3,000
  • America enters WWI

    America enters WWI
    We entered World War 1 which helped the economy by giving people jobs
  • Alcohol prohibition

    Alcohol prohibition
    Made the prohibition of alcohol effective. This didnt help the economy because this was one less thing that people werent not spending money for
  • Great Miami Hurricane

    Great Miami Hurricane
    Great Miami Hurricane hits florida costed 105 million which today would be around 100 billion
  • stock market crash/ start of great depression

    stock market crash/ start of great depression
    After reaching an all time high in september, the stock marked crashed creating a world wide economic crisis. this starts the greta depression
  • First Supermarket

    First Supermarket
    First super market in the u.s is opened this gives people job and also people are putting money in the economy from buying things
  • FDR inaugurated

    FDR inaugurated
    Franklin D. rosevelt is inaugrated as president under the "new deal" campaign, even with his hidden polio he becomes one of the most popular preseidents in U.s history and also help to get the country out of the great depression
  • Works Progress Administration

    Works Progress Administration
    The works progress administration is set up to improve America and create jobs
  • Declares war on Japan

    Declares war on Japan
    we go to war with Japan
  • Armed forces

    Armed forces
    Women are allowed to serve in all branches of the armed forces
  • The Unoted Nations was established

    The Unoted Nations was established
    We established the united nations
  • Colored television

    Colored television
    Colored Television was introduced to the U.s this caused many more family to buy tv's
  • FIrst McDonalds

    FIrst McDonalds
    Ray Kroc opened the first McDonals resturant which then became one of the biggest franchises world wide
  • New States

    New States
    Alaska was addmitted to the U.s as the 49th state followed by Hawaii being the 50th on August 21st
  • End of baby boom

    End of baby boom
    This year marked the end of the baby boom which lasted from 1946-1964 resulting in 77.3 million births
  • Medicare

    Congress establishes medicaid,medicare, and passes the voting rights act
  • First person on the moon

    First person on the moon
    The U.s becomes the first nation to land astronaughts on the moon
  • U.s dollar

    U.s dollar
    The value of the U.s dollar decreases
  • Minimum wage

    Minimum wage
    Minimum wage is raised from $1.60 to $2.20
  • Bank failure

    Bank failure
    American bank and trust company fails, the fourth largest banking default ever
  • Silver

    The price of Silver stabilizesat $12 per ounce
  • CD

    The CD or compact disc was launched, this provided many sales in the U.s
  • Minimum wage

    Minimum wage
    minimum wage is increased from $3.35-$3.80
  • Hurricane Andrew

    Hurricane Andrew
    Hurricane Andrew a catagory 5 hurricane hit florida and killed 65 people and causes $26 billion in damages for florida
  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton invokes emergency powers to extend a $20 billion loan to help Mexico avert a financial collapse
  • Violent Tornado

    Violent Tornado
    A violent tornado hits Oklahoma, killing 50 people and causing $50 billion in damages
  • 9/11

    New York was under a terrorist attact. airlines, insurance, agriculture/food and small businesses were greatly affected
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina hit new orleans Louisianna killing 1,833 people and coasting around $81 biollion in damages leaving Katrina to be the coastliest natural disaster in U.s history
  • 2000's late recession

    2000's late recession
    The U.s late 2000's reccession begins