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  • Jan 23, 1556


    This is the biggest death toll earthquake known to man ,820,000–830,000 estimated dead
  • Boston/Cape Ann. Massachusetts Earthquake

    Boston/Cape Ann. Massachusetts Earthquake' >Registered 6.0-6.3 on the richter scale.Over 5 billion dollars in repairs.
  • Charleston,Missouri Earthquake

    Charleston,Missouri Earthquake
    registerd 6.7 on the richter scale.Killed 60 people injured 300 people.
  • Valdivia earthquake

    Valdivia earthquake
    Biggest earthquake known to man.After the earthquake there was a 23 m tsunami wave.There was an estimate 6000 people dead.The estimate cost of damage was 400-800 million dollars
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  • Tohkoku Japan earthquake

    Tohkoku Japan earthquake
    One of japans biggest earthquakes. Followed by a 40m tsumani. 9.0 magnitude.15,844 deaths, 5,890 injured, 3,451 people missing.