Early U.S.A History

  • Period: Oct 7, 1300 to

    Early U.S.A history

  • Feb 25, 1350

    black death

    peapole got sick and with No medicen treatment they would die.midile ages.
  • Feb 25, 1450


    duev to the exploring of western africa by the western european countreies,and the warring beteen the?
  • Feb 26, 1480

    ottomen empire takes over

    ottomen empire stops peapole using the silk road to the indies.
  • Feb 26, 1488


    dDias attempts to sail around Africa.He gets to the southern tip of Africa.
  • Feb 26, 1492

    Christopher Clumbus

    Spain hiers Clumbus to find a new route to the Indies.He clames
    and finds this land for spain.
  • Feb 26, 1498


    Da Gama sails to Indies.Portugal succeeds in sailing to the Indeis.It took him a hole year too get their!
  • Feb 26, 1513

    frist european sees Flordia

    Frist european sees Flordia his name was ponce de leon.
  • Feb 26, 1535


    Cartier (France) claims ST. lawrence River.
  • Feb 26, 1565


    Spain starts the frist eurpoean settlement in Nouth America-ST.Augustine,Florida.
  • English

    English attempet a sttlement at Roanoke.
  • jamestown

    jamestown is establish as the frist permantent english conley
    in North America.
  • plymouth colony

    pilgeroms lands in U.S.The indens make friends with pilgeroms.
  • Colonies

    13 Colonies established. colonies are NEW ENGLAND,MIDILLE,SOUTHERN.
  • french *Indiens

    French is fighting the indens!England helped the indens!Begins
  • Freach

    Freach and indian war ends. Britain and spain gain lands once
    clamed by France.
  • suger act

    New tax on molasses.
  • stamp act

    New taxes on newspapers,dice,playing cards, legal documents.
  • townshead act

    New taxes on imported paint,lead,glass,paper,tea.

    Troops sent to colonies(Bosten) 4000 troops ( 1 solier for every 4 citizens)
  • bosten

    Groop of soldiers open fire of protesers killed 4 babys.=>(
  • British

    British repels taxes Exept tea tax.Bosten tea party.Rebels throuth
    the tea in the ocean.
  • tea act

    Gives British east india company special advantages in selling tea to the colonies.

    56 delegates from 13 colonies meet in philadelphia.(1st Contiental congress) (Solidarity)
  • Lexington/Cocord

    Malita solider face off with the British army at Lexington.On thier way back the Boston British are attacked by additional patriots. British troops run for cover.
  • singings

    Singning of the declaration of Independence
  • war ends.

    British signs treaty of paris. Gave the United States all the land from mississippi R. to Atlantic ocean
  • Constitution written

  • Constitution ratified,approved

  • First presidentil election

  • Billof rights added to the constitution