Early Thinkers

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  • Feb 14, 1473

    Nicholas Copernicus

    Nicholas Copernicus
    developed the helosentric theory. stating that sun was the center of our system
  • Dec 14, 1546

    Tycho Brahe

    Tycho Brahe
    had the idea that the heavens were composed of seperate spheres, everything revolves around the sun
  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei
    improvements to the telescope, and was the first to use it to look at the heavens.
  • Dec 27, 1571

    Johannes Kepler

    Johannes Kepler
    developed the laws of planetary motion.
  • Giovanni Cassini

    Giovanni Cassini
    Studided the surface of mars and researched jupiter.
  • Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton
    He laid down the fround work for calculus, additionally he wrote the origional laws of motion.
  • Edmond Halley

    Edmond Halley
    computed the orbit of the Halleys comet.
  • Charles Messier

    Charles Messier
    Published the first astronomical catalogue.
  • William Herschel

    William Herschel
    He discovered the platnet of Uranus
  • Anne Jump Cannon

    Anne Jump Cannon
    Developed the comtemporary steller classification.
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    Developed the quantium theory, additionally he created the worlds most famous equation E=mc2
  • Edwin Hubble

    Edwin Hubble
    developed the theory that the universe is expanding and getting larger.
  • Frank Drake

    Frank Drake
    pioneered the search for extrateresteral life, he developed the Drake equation.
  • Carl Sagan

    Carl Sagan
    Discovered the high tempature of the planet venus.
  • Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking
    predicted that black holes emit radiation.