Early events leading to American documents

  • Jun 19, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Barons had created this to seek protection against the king's arbitrary acts. This soon had given all English people rights. Soon it had given all English people rights and it stated that the power of monarchy was not absolute. This document had been respected and ignored for about four hundred years. This soon influenced the England's Parliament.
  • Petition of Rights

    This had limited the king's power in several ways. It had demanded that the king no longer imprison or punish anyone unless approved by lawful peers. It also insisted he cannot impose martial law in time of peace. This had challenged the idea of divine right of kings.
  • English Bill of Rights is Drafted

    This has the first ten amendments in the U.S. constitution. It became important because this was the first set of rights for the american citizens. Therefore, several of the states had a promise of amendments which guaranteed individual rights. They had done this promise before they would ratify the constitution. Also this was a creation made from other documents made before it and had used some of their rights.
  • Stamp Act

    This had required the citizens have a stamp on all legal documents. The new taxes were denounced because they amounted to ''taxation without representation.'' Sonn all colonies, except Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Virginia had sent delegates to the Stamp Act Congress in New York. They prepared their protests called the Declaration of Rights and Grievances, this was also the first time a large number of colonies joined to protest. Soon Parliament repealed it.
  • Townshend Duties

    This was basically a series of laws which had set new import taxes on British goods. Also to pay the salaries of Royal officials who were appointed to work in American colonies. Charles Townshend believed taxes on many used goods such as wine and paper then citizens would pay them. This was a way to avoid people getting flustered being forced to pay taxes like from the Stamp Act. However, they would now have to pay small taxes on items they used in their everyday lives.
  • Boston Massacre

    British troops in Boston had shot down a jeering crowd, five citizens. This had caused an organized resistance with the Committees of Correspondence. They soon provided a network for cooperation and exchange information among patriots. This had multiplied protests and soon the famous Boston Tea Party took place. Soon a group of Native Americans boarded three tea ships in Boston harbor and had thrown out their cargo in protest of British control of tea trade.
  • Tea Act

    This act had soon allowed tea to be shipped in East Indian Company ships from India to American colonies. This had also helped them avoid taxation by avoiding England. They thought that this act would please colonists of their tea drinking and at a low cost. However, that trade was now only reserved for the East Indian Company. Soon they had become infuriated by this, where trade was only favored toward India.
  • First Continental Congress

    A meeting place with all the delegates from the colonies. They have gathered in order to discuss the new laws, like the Intolerable Acts. The laws were given to punish the colonists causing the problems. This situation was worsening and had debated plans for it. All delegates suggested to stop trading with England until the taxes and regulations were cancelled. All colonial legislatures supported action of the first Congress and will have a second at May.
  • Second Continental Congress

    All thirdteen colonies had sent representatives to the Congress, most of people from the first Congress were here again. It had become the nation's first national government. Although, it did not have a constitutional base and the British thought of them as a den of traitors.This was a Unicameral Congress that exercised both the legislative and executive powers, for nearly five years. In result, it gave each state a single vote.
  • Common Sense was published

    This was an important and famous document written during those times. This had made an impact on the colonists which had helped them decide to go to war or not. This pamphlet had provided lists of reason why the colonists should support the war for independence. This had inspired many of the colonists who read this pamphlet. However, this was written after the beginning of their war so they only supported it.
  • Declaration of Independence Signed

    This had proclaimed their existance as a nation. This had finally created the U.S., the thirdteen colonies became free and independent states. There had been fifty six men who signed the declaration. Then Congress urged each colony to adopt ''such government as shall, in the opinion of the representatives of the people, best conduce to the happiness and safety of their constituents.'' Most states adopted the constitution.