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  • Jackson Pollack

    Jackson Pollack
    Jackson Pollack was born in Cody, Wyomning in the USA. He would go onto to create some of the most memorable pieces of art in the Abstract Expressionist period.
  • Winston Churchill becomes PM of England

    Winston Churchill becomes PM of England
    In the midst of WW2, Winston Churchill becomes the PM of England. Even while the city of London was being bombed, he still found time evry night to read a book.
  • Mr Dwyer Arrives on Earth

    Mr Dwyer Arrives on Earth
    On a hot summer afternoon in rural Ontario, Canada, a spaceship from the planet of Zertog 543 landed in a field. After a brief stop, they flew off but left one of their members behind. Since he as a queit and shy boy, nobody realized he was gone. To blend in with the humans, the alien changed his name to Craig Dwyer, and was adopted by a family living nearby. He has been on Earth ever since.
  • The Eagles

    The Eagles
    This is when we started being a group of learners and began our journey into our curiosity and imaginations