Due Process Project

  • Period: to

    Start of his arrest to the day he was in jail

  • 11:46 P.M.

    Franklin Stein was at his friends apartment during the night of january 14th. He had a few beers and knew it was about time to head home. as he got up he reached for his friends hand to shake it. but instead his friend gave him a hug and Franklin left.
  • 8:35 A.M.

    The next morning there came a knock on franklins door. As he got out of bed he wondered who it could be. as he approached the door there was another knock on the door and the voice on the other side said "Police! open the door." When Franklin opened the door the police said " franklin stein? your under arrest."
  • 8: 40 a.m.

    He asked what was going on but the only answer he got from the police was " shut up, i know what you did to that man!" " dont play dumb just fess up." but Franklin never understood why they were doing this.
  • 10:13 a.m.

    After he was brought into the police station the interigator would not stop telling franklin to confess to the crimes. He still had not been told of the crimes he supposedly commited.He was held in the room for three days.
  • 3:oo p.m.

    As the officer came into the room he said your going to holding cell. As Franklin was brought to the cell he said" please tell me what i did i have no idea on whats haopening. Please let me go!" the police man just said "Shut up! your never gonna get outta here until you just tell us how you did it!"
    Franklin never confessed to the crime
  • Jail time

    Franklin and his family didnt know it but the police framed a murder on Franklin that they comitted. As investigation went on they created more false evidence on him and he was sentenced 25 years in the State prison.
  • The Suspition

    The family knew that Franklin wouldnt commit such a crime and wanted to check in and see if they could find any clues that would prove there son comitted such a crime. when they asked for the file on thier sons case there was no file or stored information about it what so ever.
  • The family visit

    The family had a visit with thier son franklin and asked him what they had done to him and asked if they ever told him what he was being accused for while he was being held. Franklin said " no they just told me to confess the whole time but i never did." "They never let me sleep, they hit me, and would never give me any answers to why i was being held."
    the family knew that it was wrong and needed some evidence to prove it.
  • The help the family needed

    the family explained to the sheriff and he looked into it. a couple days later he came back and told the family that he found evidence that was not found in the police evidence room. He explains that the police must have made up evidence and he would help the family.
  • The aid the Family needed

    Franklins family went to the next county over and asked the po'lice what rights you had when you where being held. the police said" See a solicitor free of charge. Have someone told where you are. Read a copy of the Codes of practice, which explains the procedures the police should follow in such circumstances. You should be given a written note of these rights and cautioned."
  • The day they regain thier son

    had obtained. the police had no defence and the jury voted anonymously 7-0 innocent and they request that the judge have a trial for the police because of the framing of a murder, beating a civilian, and falsifying evidence
  • Day they had a chance to ragain their son

    the family and the sheriff brought up a pill of papers to the stand and went through every sheet on how their was false evidence and made up proof that the police had put on their briefing. they showed evidence that the police had paid people to present false accusations amongst Franklin and the poice had no back up. they had explainded how thier son was held for three days with out sleep and hardly fed in the interigation room. they showed a video of them beating franklin that the sheriff.....