Dresses Timeline!

  • 324

    Byzantium Coexist 324 A.D.--1453

    Greco-Roman influence, dalmatika, chemise, stola, moving toward Medieval fashion
  • 476

    The Dark Ages 476 A.D.--1150.

    full skirts
  • Oct 1, 1150

    Medieval, Gothic, Middle Ages 1150--1485

    influenced by Byzantine dress, vertical shapes, more fitted, flowing gowns
  • Rococo 1715-1775

    The Englightenment glorifies women through art and philosophy, light basket around waist as undergarment, pannier (overskirt), silk brocade shoes with heels, Watteau gowns, silks, brocades, jacquard loom invented, fullness from Baroque moves to sides
  • Neoclassical 1775-1795 and the Revolution 1790-1795

    dresses are called robes: Robe a la Englais (fitted all the way down) and Robe a la Francais (fitted in the front with a Watteau back)
  • Directoire/Empire 1795-1815

    high-waisted sheer dresses
  • Victorian (crinoline) 1848-1870 and Victorian (bustle) 1870-1890

    cinched waist and off the shoulder dresses
  • WWI and the 1920

    chemise dresses
  • 1930's The Golden Age of Hollywood

    poor women made dresses from flour sacks
  • 1950's The Dior Revolution

    skirts get longer, the hourglass silhouette, strapless gowns, silk, evening wear, ballerina look.
  • 1960's and 1970's. Great Social

    the miniskirt emerges, maxi skirts, micro skirts also, and the hippie look
  • 10,000 BC

    People wore clothing madee from animal skin, so the first dress that had been made was from animal skin.
  • Mesopotamia 3500 B.C.--333 B.C.

    Dresses were made from wrapped animal skins, stylized tufts, bare chested, dressed not for warmth but for status.
  • Egypt 3100 B.C.--30 B.C.

    Dress's were made from gowns called kalasiris
  • Minoan 3,000 B.C.--1450 B.C.

    Tiered dresses with circular skirts, colorful, elaborate detailing in clothing.
  • Etruscan 753 B.C.--509 B.C.

    very colorful
  • Ancient Greece 1700 B.C.--146 B.C.

    chiton, chylamis, himation, drapery, fibulae, wool, linen, patterned fabric
  • Roman 753 B.C.--395 A.D. 509 B.C.--476 A.D.

    narrow, simple, dalmatica, tunic, palla, togas, full range of color