Dred Scott Fighting For Freedom

  • The Change

    Dred Scott migrated westward with his master Peter Blow. They travel from Virgina to Alabama and then to St. Louis MO, two years later his master dies. Scott was brought by Dr. John Emerson.
  • Tireless Travel

    During this time Dred Scott experince a lot travel and during his travel he met his with.
  • The Beginning of his Journey

    Dr. Emerson dies. Dred Scott wants to but his freedom from Mr. Emerson who refuses $300. Then Dred Scott then takes this matter to courts.
  • The First Outcome

    Scott went to trial- but lost technicality. He couldn't prove that he and Harriet were owned by the Emerson's wisdom.
  • The Retrail

    Missouri Supereme Court decides that the case should be retried.
  • Freedom

    Retried is St.louis circut court ruled that Scot and family were free.
  • Freedom

    Missiouri Supreme Courts stepped in and reversed the decesion of the lower court. Dred took this case to the federal court. The United States Cirtcut Court in Mo.
  • Freedom

    The Circut Court unheld the decisions of the Missiouri Supreme Court, Dred appealed his case to the United States Supreme Court.
  • Freedom

    Nine justices of the Supreme Courts certainly had a basis regarding slavery.Seven had been appointed by pro-slavery presidents from the south.
  • Freedom

    Chief justice Roger B. Taney a staunch supporter of slavery. Wrote the "Majorty oppinion" for the court. It stated that because Scott was black,he was not a citzen and therefore had no right to sue. The decisions also declared the Missiouri Compromise of 1820 Legislation which restricted slavery in certain territories, unconstitational.
  • The Final End

    Dred Scotts Dies.